had my first trip about three weeks ago and have one overwhelming concern: while it was a wonderful experience while I was tripping (and I’ll go into that in a moment), about 45 minutes after it was over, I got overwhelming nausea, passed out while heading for the bathroom, and vomited for probably half an hour (just a guess while lying helplessly on the floor, unable to move. It soaked into my clothes and after a while, maybe an hour, I took off the wet shirt and crawled with difficulty back into the kitchen. Laid for a while, struggled to get my sweat pants off (also wet), then crawled through the kitchen, dining room, and living room… once there, I managed to get to my feet, hunched over, and tottered into the bedroom. Next day felt like a hangover.


What I need to know is what went wrong and how I can repeat the good things without experiencing the bad. Here’s what I did.

I ordered what I think was 14 grams of dried Golden Teacher (stems and caps). I decided to go with a low dose, did an online calculator, and it said to do 1 gram. It took a lot of pieces, maybe 8 or 9, and still didn’t quite hit 1 (there was no 0.1g, 0.2g measure on my little food scale.)

Anyway, I took the pieces one by one, put them in my mouth, and patiently let my saliva soak them, then chewed them like gum until they were gone.

After about half an hour, I had I think three more small pieces, since I hadn’t even had an entire gram.

It wasn’t long before I began noticing perceptual effects. It was the start of about four hours of sheer wonder. I felt euphoria and happiness, things I looked at became unutterably beautiful, with pastel greens and pale yellows and other colours appearing moments after I focused on something. I saw dark patterns that looked vaguely like runes or letters, which I had expected. The lights were like stars. The world was gilded.

Here’s a picture of a part of my kitchen table that I was admiring because it was a colourful and light-filled as a dragon’s hoard. The light, the degrees of shadow, the forms, were brilliant and nuanced, all with colours you would find in a Monet painting of waterlilies. And I admired the shapes of all those bottles too.

I’m rather fond of this picture; it shows a slice of paradise, which gives me hope that Milton was right – “the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

I had some of the profound thoughts people talk about, too. In the bathroom, I was seeing the colours and runes, and connecting with a higher level, that seemed to call my attention to “patterns.” Everything, I felt, was patterns that existed like templates beyond the chaotic appearance of things. There was a unity, and I had strong feelings that I owed a kind of allegiance, a Oneness, because now I was seeing beyond appearances to the underlying structure. I’ve studied superstring theory, chaos theory, fractal theory, and the like, so the feeling dovetailed with these ideas on the front edge of physics.

I was doing this alone, by the way, because while I have a couple buddies who wanted to trip with me, I decided that I’d better get at least this “light” trip under my belt since they are experienced and I’d never done it.

I had read some people saying the sky, or the universe, would kind of manifest as a being and maybe look down at them or speak to them, and this basically happened to me. I looked outside several times and the clouds appeared to be racing, ragged at the edges, with apocalyptic light and shadow, and bright holes where the sun came through and seemed like eyes, mouth, or at least apertures; I felt I was being privileged by the universe to see the unity and intelligence behind all things. I took some snapshots, here’s one:


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